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Hot Springs Lodge Property Tours

The Hot Springs Lodge Costa Rica offers a wide variety of activities on the property. We sit riverfront in Primary Rainforest with hot springs and multiple waterfalls with natural ponds and swimming holes. Be free to explore and take many walks on your own or we can arrange a tour guide and biologists to make your experience in the forest an unforgettable moment.


Professional guides lead your ATV Tours to the discovery of lush tropical rainforest, awesome rivers and amazing wildlife. You’ll stop at a fantastic waterfall where you may take a swim or just bask in the wondrous beauty of the Costa Rican rainforest.

Horse Back Riding in Costa Rica

Combine the adventure of a magnificent horseback riding tour on the beach at sunset and to waterfalls, or many other ideal places for horseback riding in Costa Rica… Explore the mountains and unspoiled tropical rainforest Enjoy a relaxing stay at waterfalls and natural pristine pools. Jungle fun in the sun.

Costa Rica Beaches

The beaches around Quepos and Manuel Antonio are the most beautiful in Costa Rica, lined with lush forest, and the snorkelling is excellent too. Standing on the beach with your feet dug into the sand and watching the waves crash against the rocks on either side of the lagoon, it is easy to believe that you are a thousand miles from anywhere.

Bird Watching & Hiking

Bird Watcher’s Haven: There are two trails excellent for birding that begin at the lodge. One leads up the valley peaking at 1000 ft. along abandoned farms and primary forest. It is excellent for canopy flocks and beautiful views of virgin rainforest canopy. The other trail begins in a small pasture where many disturbed habitat species can be seen. It quickly enters the primary forest and climbs to about 2000 ft. to the crest of a hill near the lodge. It is excellent for understory flocks and forest birds.

There is a view of Manual Antonio National Park and Quepos from the peak. A trail leading down the other side of the hill provides access to drier forest, which promises to hold many new species for the list. Other trails accessing deeper parts of the forest or higher elevations may be accessible with greater effort.

A list of over 150 species of birds was compiled by the lodge caretaker. Despite the lengthy and in-depth wilderness exploration, the list is far from complete and a work in progress. Nearly every trip into the forest uncovers another species, illustrating the incredible diversity of the vast unspoiled wilds of Hot Springs Lodge Costa Rica.

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